Wednesday, June 13, 2007

You can learn so much from TV

So I know I said I was cutting back on TV, and I am - I finally deleted all the unwatched Grey's Anatomy episodes off the Tivo. But I can't help but love Top Chef. It officially started tonight and as usual evoked a mixture of awe and horror. Awe at the variety of talents and creativity that all the chefs exhibit... if only I knew how to make an amuse bouche out of a buffet lunch. If only I knew how to cook alligator or ostrich. Or if I knew that kangaroo was something that you could conceivably cook (aren't kangaroos endangered or something?). And the elimination challenge was disgusting... an array of the ugliest meats I've ever seen. But with horror comes a bit of enlightenment. Did you know what a geoduck is? It's pronounced gooey-duck. And apparently it's not a duck but some kind of clam. And it's the ugliest thing I've ever seen. So ugly I don't want to put the picture on my page, so just go here to see what it looks like.

That aside, I do feel rather inspired to cook now, albeit with normal, non-black-chicken. I'm loving all the summer grilling issues of food magazines. I bought TWO Martha Stewart magazines the other day (Living and Everyday Food). Luckily it's summertime, and it's time for some barbecues!

And also, Anthony Bourdain is awesome. If I had better drinking tolerance, I'd totally go on a bender with him.

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Kim said...

The Boy used to farm these ugly little clams in Washington when he was a teenager - I feel so in the know :)