Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ugh can I just complain briefly about fashion without sounding totally lame? I went to the Gap yesterday to try on straight leg jeans because I decided my skinny jeans are too skinny, I want straight leg, I am on that ball. I really do agree with fashion magazines when I say that flare pants are weird looking now and half the time I wear them I think I look weird. Yes, it's the straight leg for me, except I think the low end retailers I frequent (Gap being about the priciest thing I can afford) haven't gotten on the ball with me and still haven't figured out a good cut for the straight leg. It's annoying. While at the Gap, besides discovering that they have no idea what to do with a straight leg jean and learning that they have only two washes for the straight leg, both of which suck (one is all torn up, the other is a strange grayish color), and in addition to witnessing first-hand the lack of knowledge on the part of Gap salesgirls (why would you put a jean with no tag or distinguishing mark explaining what fit it is in the front of the store and then not tell any of the salespeople what fit it is?!!?), I also learned that the Gap sucks this season. Usually I can find at least something I like and usually I can find something I like in the clearance section, but this season apparently they have decided to go with the lamest approach ever, which consists of the following brilliant ideas:

1-Fill an entire corner of the store with hoodies, as though that's a fashion statement
2-Have every kind of tshirt in every color, as though that's a fashion statement
3-Bring back Western shirts despite the fact that no one has figured out when to wear the Western shirts they bought the last time the Gap brought back Western shirts
4-Promote the hell out of your denim but don't actually change any of the cuts or really do anything aside from what you normally do with it. Just put denim everywhere and pretend it means something.
5-Bring back the shapeless turtleneck sweaters you had at the Gap when I first started shopping there at the tail end of the oversized t-shirt/sweatshirt/sweater era. Don't make them interesting at all.
6-Bring back the sleeveless button-ups and turtlenecks that you had around the same era, or maybe even in the Reality Bites "I am a MANAGER at the GAP" era.
7-Don't put any of the clothes you have online in the actual store.
8-Act like you are bringing back basics but in a new, flashy, cool way with Jeremy Piven in your ads, but actually sell the same boring stuff with NOTHING interesting or new, or even well-done.


If you are going to sell the basics, at least make them good or cheap. Otherwise, do something, anything, so I can stop jonesing for fall fashion and then falling flat.

I know this is sort of a stupid comment but seriously I was very disappointed in the Gap, more than I usually am, and I just want to be grunmpy. I almost typed "grunchy" there, not sure why. On that subject, why do all the magazines have beautiful fall clothing, but none of the retailers do? I have been trying to get excited about spending money I don't need on stupid things like belts and boots and sweater dresses. Mmm, sweater dresses. See what I mean? WHY can't I buy anything cool for under $50??

I'm annoyed.

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