Friday, September 08, 2006

It looks like tornado season.

Not that there are tornados (oes?). But there are just dark, low-lying clouds everywhere and my expert knowledge of tornados from classics like Twister lead me to believe that dark angry looking clouds are tornado clouds. Also it's windy outside, so that's kind of like tornados. Tornados are really one of the natural disasters I can't comprehend (right up there with tsunamis and maybe hurricanes). You know how some people are irrationally afraid, and also ignorant, about earthquakes? And if you are like me and grew up in California, every little shift or shakeup feels a little bit like an earthquake just because you are used to expecting them, but you don't have an earthquake kit or anything, you know, practical? Whereas if you are not from California, you are very worried about earthquakes. I feel like if I moved to, say, Kansas, that's the way I'd be about tornados.

This has been a very lame blog entry. I'm sorry.


Ellen said...

I was in a tornado once, in a tent. I was stupid, but lucky. Maybe in Kansas you can see them coming but in WI, not so much.

To answer your question, I had read the earlier McCafferty books, but I didn't retain a lot of info from them. I remembered that I liked them but not much more. Charmed Thirds was way better than ...Opal Mehta... but I wouldn't have known the latter plaigiarized the former from the books themselves. Not that I think she was right or anything.

Emily said...

opal mehta totally jacked the whole thing where marcus makes cool tshirts with the days on the week on them and wears them on the wrong day. kind of retarded, is my genius evaluation of that move.