Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Sorry I have been a delinquent blogger. Every half-assed blogger says that from time to time and then doesn't blog again for 4 months or something ridiculous like that, but I promise I will get my act together and post within a week.

Since getting here Sunday, I've seen a bunch of places and I'm only beginning to appreciate the city and the scale of it. Sunday night we got dinner at 10:15pm, glory be, and then bummed around in her apartamento watching such TV classics as The Hills (I cannot condense my looks of scorn into words) and the tail-end of The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants. Monday we took the subway up to Times Square (which is what the future will look like - too many rolling media screens, way larger than it looks on TV and honestly kind of terrifying) and then walked all over. We walked past the Conde Nast building (yay publishing), the Trump tower (ugliest building ever), Rockefeller Center, Saks, Bergdorf, etc. We went shopping but I was good and didn't buy that much. I promise. We had lunch at the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle, bought SoyCrunch (some strange thing made of... soy), and then betook ourselves home to Brooklyn. Later on, we turned down the opportunity to go to Hoboken, NJ, to see a band and instead we went to Williamsburg, which is, for the record, the hipster haven (the writer, in fact, of the Hipster Handbook lived there). We went to an awesome bar called Barcade, which has old 70s video games and really good beer. Like, really good. I drank a lot of it.

Today, instead of traipsing around time, we traipsed out to Coney Island and sat in the sun on a semi-dirty beach for a while. I suspect that despite my 45 SPF sunscreen, the number of freckles on my body increased by about 35%. Bad. Very bad. Rachel got a job today, working at the once-defunct, now-restarting Radar magazine. Maybe that means I can get the rest of my subscription I paid for a while ago and only got 2 issues for. Anyway, to celebrate we went to Dumont, a tasty restaurant like two doors down from Barcade (mmm), and got excellent burgers & fries (like, classy burgers & fries). Now we're watching Last Comic Standing, which so far has had like 3 good moments.

So far it's all good. It's fun to be in the city and I pretty much want to shop everywhere, eat everywhere, and see everything. It's hard to make myself sit still, even though I'm exhausted. I think it will be nice when I settle down at Columbia and unpack my suitcase.

More soon.

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