Sunday, June 25, 2006


My room is being invaded by bugs. Perhaps this is because I left my window open, with no screen, for four days. Perhaps the reason I left my window open is because my room is freaking freezing with an overactive air conditioner and always feels a little damp. Perhaps everything feels damp because New York City in the summer is sticky and muggy and humid all the time, and it rained today and yesterday and the night before that. Anyway, whatever the answer to these hypothetical musings may be, there are now bugs everywhere. One bug found its way into my computer screen, and I now have to send it into Dell to have the LCD screen replaced. Another evil specimen, which looked like a bug from Men in Black shrunk down to the size of a large spider - black, glossy and menacing - was on my desk this afternoon and, despite my valiant attempts to kill it, evaded my washcloth-of-death (paper towels being absent in our bathroom for the past 3 days) and slipped behind the desk. I killed an identical one later, though, which I hope was the original. This time I heard the crunch and watched him hobble around while I mercilessly pursued his demise. Really, I would feel worse except that I'm kind of feeling like I'm going to wake up and find its godmother or guardian angel-bug standing in the corner clicking its claws and watching me as I sleep the sleep of the damned bug-killers. Then I'll be sorry.

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