Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Princess Bride, and some ramblings about imaginary friends

This post from BWE is actually hilarious - speculating on what the cast of The Princess Bride has been up to for the past 20 years, based on publicity photos. I almost laughed out loud at work and in fact the security camera definitely spotted me a few times holding back the giggles (chipmunk cheeks, they happen). This in a nutshell is why I love the Best Week Ever blog. Actually it might not be the blog so much as its writers. Alex Blagg is always funny and Michelle totally has the same exact crushes on celebrities that I have.

(Side note: I have this problem with becoming attached to my Internet friends and referring to them as though I actually know them in a vague way. You can catch me saying things like "This girl whose blog I read" and then my friends will ask "Wait, do you mean X real person that you know?" and I will have to respond in the negative and explain that no, they're just someone whose blog I discovered and they half write about themselves which is why I feel more attached to them than I should, and then half write about some subject I find interesting like pop culture or home design, so I have a legitimate excuse to read the blog in the first place. The sad thing about it though is that the people actually want readers, and want them to "engage" with their blog or some shit, and so I am actually in many ways their ideal audience, but because there's a lingering stigma about being friends with people you meet on the internet, I can't actually be friends with them. Or maybe they all live in New York or something and are legitimate Internet personalities whereas I am not, I just write this little blog for my audience of 12. I think part of the reason why I like these people out there on the Interweb is that I want their jobs. Or their readership. Or to hang out with them while doing the same job for the same readership. Or maybe I just really like reading. And things. And people who like things and write about them. Tangent concludes now.)

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MissEm said...

Who said you can't be friends with people you meet through blogs?

I'm friends with Jordan (Oh Happy Day), Rebecca (The New Awesome) and Sara (Life is Nicht Si Mal). The internet rocks for making friends!