Friday, July 06, 2007

I love the Internet because it enables things like PostSecret, Passive-Aggressive Notes, and the latest, Deleted Images. Another brilliant, collaborative/user-generated, this time artsy website. Made up of the photos that you would normally delete off your digital camera, just because they're blurry or bad or whatever. (Pretty much every photo taken during my little sister's 21st birthday extravaganza falls into this category.) But put together they end up being kind of beautiful and quieting.

I also have to add, since I'm on the subject of beautiful and quieting, that if you do not read 3191 you are a bad person. It's absolutely gorgeous, looking at it is like doing a one minute meditation. It's a reason to get a feed reader. This one is my favorite recently, although this one the other day was pretty amazing as well.

(Deleted Images via

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Anonymous said...

I too like that deleted scenes site. you should upload some of the b-day pics, theres bound to be worthwhile stuff on that memory card. D