Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pitchfork roundup (possibly part 1 of 2)

Pitchfork was pretty much amazing. It wasn't exactly that we listened to the music that much and there were definitely some kinks that could have been worked out on that front (putting people like Girl Talk and the Klaxons on the stage crammed between the tennis courts and the street was not so much a great idea) but it was all around a ridiculous good time. We documented well via Twitter but it is arguably completely incomprehensible to anyone who was not Orges, Cristina, Dan or me this weekend, so I figured I'd do a little documentation blogstyle. Trust me, I'm not including everything. We are inappropriate.

Cristina is excited about something, possibly just her outfit. We needed to blend in with the hipsters, so she wore formal shorts, layered tanks, and a vest, plus the bangles (on Day 1). I wore a tube top with a lacey shirt worn as a jacket and formal shorts as well. I think Cristina wins the hipster competition.

Orges wore a Miller shirt with a bass on the front (why? Not sure) and he latched on to this hat that Cristina had bought which was very much a girl's hat.

The headliner on Day 1 was Yoko Ono. She was crazy and awesome at the same time. What a throwback. The whole first 10 minutes of her show was dedicated to this art film project crazy thing she made showing people how to say "I love you" to the world and the universe (not kidding) with a flashlight. I recommend. The above picture shows how we reacted to Yoko. Also we reacted by finding flashlights (which had been handed out to people sometime during the day) on the ground and flashing them at each other for the rest of the weekend, plus by telling people "1, 2, 3" or "i. ii. iii." which means, you guessed it, "I love you." Oh Yoko.

The view from Orges' window, if you strategically take a picture without the giant building in it.

My artsy photo of the weekend, this was taken where we had brunch with Dan's parents on Sunday. I love the china. It is inspiring me to build a collection of dishes purely from thrift stores. Ooh, project!

I'm a little in love with the El. So cool looking. And so functional!

Again. I feel like I'm in another era.

Back to reality, or at least, our "weekend of hedonism and play and irresponsibility" brand of reality (which, as I was saying to Dan yesterday, is both a reality check and the complete opposite of one - it's totally not how I live my daily life, but it's a reminder that it could be, and that this is what you should strive for) - Dan and Cristina pose in their Day 2 outfits alterna-prom style, and Orges takes a sideways picture, which I love because of the way the El looks in the background.

Waiting for our train. I like the rusting paint under this awning.

A study in patterns - lots of stripes and shadows and ripplings of light. I love that I took this picture.

This guy's outfit was so awesome to me that I took a covert picture of him on the train. I love how he managed to perfectly match his shirt with his jacket. And make it look actually cool, somehow. This weekend was sartorially inspiring really.

The license plate was from Kentucky. I think they roadtripped.

There were about 5 sunsets on Sunday because the clouds kept covering the sun. This was one of them, during Of Montreal. And those are Dan's glasses.

Of Montreal. I think. And the banners and the lighting. I love this picture. It was right around this time that Dan & I got on one of our rhapsodic "Our lives are too awesome, our apartment is going to be too awesome, gardening hey" things and our Twitters started to make no sense.

Here we are, waiting for the Klaxons to go on.

Final tally...
Bands we actually watched: Yoko, Clipse, Mastodon (Orges' idea, clearly), a few songs from New Pornographers, the Cool Kids, Of Montreal, Jamie Lidell (omg), Junior Boys (pretty damn good live actually), De La Soul, and like 3 songs of the Klaxons.

Bands we heard from a distance: Cat Power (a bit), Grizzly Bear, Voxtrot (better on CD I think), Battles, Iron & Wine (barely heard him though)

Bands we attempted to hear but failed to hear because of the crappy Balance Stage or whatever it was called: Fujiya & Miyagi, Klaxons, Girl Talk

Food and drink consumed: lots of cheap ($4!!!!) Goose Island IPA, delicious pulled pork sangwiches with coleslaw (inspiring all of us to learn how to make pulled pork sandwiches), vegan ice cream, fried cheese curds (only one, Orges and Cristina finished them before they could get to me and Dan), my first authentic (or semi-authentic) sweet tea, a slice of apple pie from the farmer's market that Cristina brought from Ann Arbor, disgusting pizza, and something that I didn't eat but the others did called cevapcici or something like that... etc. I said hedonism, didn't I?

Twitter messages: Oh, thousands. (Maybe not, but I felt like quoting Bridget Jones when she's keeping track of "alcohol units.")

For you to check out, since for me Jamie Lidell was my "discovery" of the weekend:

He looks all soulful and normal here, but he's actually crazy. He wore a crazy hat made of streamers and half the time his soul singing is layered over crazy beats and stuff. I am minorly obsessed.


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I am so jealous.D

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i miss you guys so much. please come save me from all the hospitals and drama.