Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What I did this weekend...

I had a GREAT weekend. I won't bore you with the details of how much I drank and where, and with whom (there are a lot of details!), but there were a few awesome places I visited that are actually worth sharing. I am so kicking myself for not having a camera. I'm going to have to go back to all of them, just to properly document. Consider this a mini-tour of San Francisco.

Friday night, 7:30pm:
21st Amendment, for a pint of 21A IPA

Saturday morning, 11:30am:
For all those chrome piggy banks, fuzzy-like-hair carpets, and $6,500 ottomans that you reallly, really need. Plus, outdoor rooftop gardens and art gallery with paintings made of staples.

Saturday, 1:30pm
South Park
A leetle slice of a London park square in the middle of SOMA

Saturday, 2:15pm
21st Amendment, again, for a pint of watermelon wheat on the patio

Saturday, 3pm
826 Valencia
Why else? For pirate supplies and back issues of the Believer, and Karl, the blowfish (#2) in his own viewing room

(photo from unsure shot)

I love the curvy curiosity cabinets/drawers at 826 - I wish I could put these in my house and store things like paperclips and dishtowels.

(photo from mary jane watson on flickr)

Saturday, 3:30pm
Paxton Gate
The COOLEST random discovery. It's like a crazy taxidermist/gardener/curiosity shoppe, with string of pearls plants, butterflies under glass, fox penis bones (not kidding), loose leaf teas, deer heads, taxidermy mouse art, and so on. I really am obsessed with it. It's literally next door to 826 Valencia and the two of them together make up this great collection of curiosities and weirdnesses. I loved it.

(photo from The Mitzikin Revolution)

(photo from diavolerie)

(photo from pixability)

Saturday, 4pm
some thrift store on Valencia
for a truly awesome dress that reminds me of something Mare Winningham would wear in St. Elmo's fire. It's 80s-tastic. It is an 80s virgin dress. I will post pics.

Saturday, 4:30pm
The Apartment
I wanted to go there because I read on a blog that it was The Place to go for mid-century furniture. Can I afford, and do I need, furniture? No. But I needed to go. We stayed for about 3 minutes.

brief detour to Japantown, then, 5:30pm
For beer! In boots!

(this pic is from when we went to Suppenkuche in March)

brief detour to Niketown (what's with all the towns?) and the Levi Store where Dan and I both purchased ridiculous pairs of jeans, then, 9pm
Tunnel Top
For a dirty martini for me, and caipirinhas and mojitos for the boyz, plus a sort of karmic payback for the time I was supposed to go there and didn't

Laurel's apartment, for, among other things, forties, a cop mustache, excessive conversation, Colbert ice cream and debate over the best mix cds of all time (playlist to come, or TK as they say in publishing, which means To Come which is silly because everyone knows publishers can spell)

Sunday, 11:30am
for make-your-own bloody marys, proving the point that you (if you were a restaurant) don't need much to become awesome and packed during brunch time

Sunday, 3pm
The DeYoung
Self explanatory. I especially like the apples in the sculpture garden.

(foe-toe from Pengrin)

Sunday, 9pm
For - Warriors fans, excellent beer, and a lame jukebox. And companionship. Obvi.

(photo from gadgetgeek)

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Anonymous said...

I too had a great weekend. a lot of driving but great anyway. I do want to go to that taxidermy store.