Saturday, March 18, 2006

Mundane Observation on Fashion

I realize about 2 people find this interesting, but apparently owls are the new hip fashion accessory. That and elephants. In my bored browing at work I have found 432890489 (maybe a few less) earrings, necklaces, belts, etc. with elephants and owls on them. Not surprisingly I want them all.

Tiny owls at Anthropologie
"Tricoastal Design" (wtf) owls
Tricoastal Design ellies (In my head I just called them "ellies" - I must be reading too much
Elephant belt at Anthropologie not surprisingly overpriced even though it's on sale.
Uncute necklace at Urban Outfitters - also not a surprise

Which of these should I buy?

Moving on to more despicable things, apparently Uggs have gone logo... because clearly all the 12 year olds carrying Dooney & Bourke bags (actually I think that sadly, 12 year olds have moved on to LV and Coach) don't have enough brands all over their bodies...

Just thought you should know. I promise real entries are forthcoming.

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NinaStargirl said...

hey, those anthropologie earrings are CUTE.