Monday, August 13, 2007

Why I love my city

This past weekend I had a borrowed digital SLR from work. We took TONS of pictures. Some of them are here (I haven't uploaded the ones from Saturday yet). My favorites from Sunday (Dan took all of these I think, he pretty much commanded the camera yesterday):

I love my hair. I'm sorry that's vain.

This is what SLR can do for your food photography.

Dan and I went to The Apartment and I bought a couple of awesome old photos and a postcard. This one is a postcard from 1910, and Dan caught it in the focus here (Justin is reading it).

Fannnntastic glasses.

On our walk home to our place, the shadows were perfect.

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Ivana B. Ontop said...

I love the one of tomatoes...Dan absolutely loves taking pictures of things close up...something like stopping to smell the roses, only with a microscope and a flash...i read a great book by Susan Sontag, "On Photography" is quite short, a little philosophical, but highly enjoyable...more pretty pictures of beautiful things...yay!