Thursday, August 09, 2007

It is a truth universally acknowledged.

Pablo will hate me for saying this but, guys, Becoming Jane was actually pretty good!

I saw it with Belton, one of my two friends who I go to all (bad) romantic comedies/movies with, like, for example, The Wedding Date and Raising Helen. And we went in hopeful but not totally confident. But I quite liked it. I didn't treat it like a close biography or anything - I thought of it as a Jane Austen movie/book that I'd never seen/read before. It was pretty clever and there were a couple of good dance scenes and good characters who were all like shades of Jane Austen characters in books and James McAvoy is kind of hot in this although he reminds me of Rachel's boyfriend which is... odd. But like Daniel Craig he has the bluest freaking eyes I've ever seen, except they are less sky blue and more this sort of dazzling periwinkle. Also, Sarah and I almost died in the last 3 minutes of the movie thanks to a minor revelation/surprise moment.

Recommended. Really. And now I need to go back and research Jane Austen's life to find out what really happened.


Kim said...

I love Anne Hathaway. She is adorable beyond adorable.

Anonymous said...

Now I want to see it.

Ivana B. Ontop said...

Cristina and I went to see it and we loved it as well...Cristina (much more than myself, but, admittedly, me too) was weeping during the previews because, oddly, every preview was a tear-jerker romantic comedy/inspirational trailer...p.s. are we not excited about the Jane Austen Book Club? AND James McEvoy is HOT!!! Blue-as-the-bluest-lagoon eyes...hmmmm

Anonymous said...

Good movie. I loved it and it resulted in much internet research on Jane Austen and LeFroy. My roommate likes Jane Austen a lot, so we went and saw it with some other girls in our class we met during orientation.

I felt like I needed to watch Emma or Pride and Prejudice after it though, something with a happy ending.