Sunday, February 11, 2007

OC Liveblog Episode 13 - the Case of the Franks

Taylor is freaking out because Ryan doesn’t want to do anything special for V-day. He says that V-day is really a recipe for disaster because they are weird. Taylor is worried that Ryan is preoccupied because she found a suspicious address by his bed. He says it’s not the address of another girl so she should be fine about it. But naturally she is not. She takes the address sheet.

Aaand goes to the place. And finds Ryan’s dad. He asks why she is here. She says she was basically stalking him because of what she found at Ryan’s and says she has emotional problems. Hercules wants to talk to Ryan and Taylor realizes that they both have emotional problems. Wants to get involved and have Ryan and his dad get along or something. Taylor thinks that maybe if Frank and Ryan get along Ryan will be happier.

Now on to pregnant Kirsten. She appears to be thinking about her past and Sandy says that he’s having flashbacks to her being pregnant with Seth. Kirsten is having a bit of an issue with this.

Bullitt shows up at Julie’s with roses still trying to persuade her to marry him. He says he didn’t make 900 million by being a pessimist and “Did I mention that there will be no pre-nup?” Keeps saying they are practically man and wife and says he can sum up their sex life with one world: “Bang.” “I can’t wait to take you down to Chinatown.” Wow.

Kaitlin says “sup nerd” which is awesome. They go off to play ping-pong. Bullitt calls her Peanut. Julie continues to be impressed by Bullitt bonding with her daughter. She asks to drive the Ferrari and he agrees in a fatherly way. Come on, Julie, marry the Texan!

Summer and Seth are discussing the extinction of the sea otters. Seth points out that Valentine’s Day is in two days and summer has apparently forgotten. They head over to a psychic who says “Rhode Island” and turns out to be right. Psychic says that Summer should beware falling objects and she’s going to be on the news with Justin Timberlake. The woman says Summer’s destiny is with someone named George. This is bad. A skateboard almost falls on top of summer. Oh psychics!

Taylor and Ryan are at a nice dinner and Ryan says “This has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day right?” Turns out no, it just has something to do with his dad who he never wanted to see again. Ryan isn’t that mad at her even though she totally meddled in his business. They sit down to dinner. Ryan calls Taylor a bulldozer. She kind of is.

Back with Summer, she is getting pics of Sandy and Kirsten for a famous couples collage. This turns into a how did Sandy and Kirsten feel right but Jimmy and Kirsten didn’t? BAD flashbacks with really 80’s-fied versions of Jimmy and Kirsten. Kirsten says if Summer is meant to be with Seth it will happen.

Back with Frank, Taylor is chatting chatting chatting and tells Frank he is ruggedly handsome. Realizes that he is in love with someone. Then Bullitt shows up and Taylor and Ryan realize that Frank and Julie were a couple. Bullitt totally makes Frank feel bad by being all up in Julie’s business. What if Julie and Frank were meant to be? Taylor wants to try to get them together. Ryan says that Julie deserves better.

Kirsten browses through the picture book. Wow, none of these people look like anyone in reality. Except for that fabulous picture of Sandy and Julie and all of them together with kids.

Kirsten was apparently once going to go to USC. With Jimmy Cooper. Ridiculous. Oh Kirsten, get over your shit. Sandy shows up and Kirsten LIES about what she was looking at. And then Sandy looks in it and finds all the pics of her and jimmy. Puzzling isn’t it.

Seth looks up and finds evidence that he and Summer were meant to be. It’s the poem Summer read in school. Spring 1998. Seth as a kid is ridiculous: “Only 11 months and 6 days until The Matrix comes out.” Hilarious.

Summer as a little girl is super cute although looks nothing like Rachel Bilson. And Seth looks vaguely like that kid from Can’t Hardly Wait. Has teeth like real Seth.

Taylor shows up at Julie’s and starts the whole discussion. What’s there to mull over about Bullitt? She starts to provoke her about Bullitt getting older and Julie still having to have sex with him. Then Taylor just says “Admit it you have got it bad for Frank Atwood.” And Julie says she is staying with Bullitt. Taylor says Julie is different now because she can no longer marry for money. Julie says she wouldn’t put Ryan through that since he’s been through enough because of her and then Taylor explains that Ryan is actually worried about Julie.

Summer is watching the news and she and Justin Timberlake are on the same program. She is freaking out about being whisked away by George. Seth busts out the mermaid poem all framed and pretty. Summer explains that she didn’t actually write the poem. Then there is a flashback to Summer already being kind of a ho and talking to a very nerdy Taylor Townsend. Taylor already wrote her poem for their assignment and Summer did not. Summer persuades Taylor to give her the poem in exchange for Taylor coming to Summer’s b-day party. Ah, intrigue of the 5th grade time.

Seth says “This mermaid poem is our roots, it’s our mythology.” But Summer says what if we are each other’s Jimmy Cooper? The one before the one. What if we are not destined to be together?” Seth starts to think as well. Doubting Thomases!

Julie shows up to Ryan’s place of business to talk to him about his dad. He is glad that it’s over, but Julie wants to tell Ryan that she knows a bad guy when she sees one and his dad isn’t one of him (meanwhile what is his mom doing? Isn’t she an alcoholic somewhere?). Ryan calls Taylor to ask about “the Frank and Julie plan” and they plan to get Frank and Julie together and screw poor Bullitt. Then Taylor turns around to find Kaitlin listening. Ooh this is war. Kaitlin says she is playing for team Bullitt and Taylor and Ryan are on team frank. Haha, then Kaitlin herself says “It’s war, bitch.” Nice.

Kirsten shows up at Seth’s to give him pancakes for V-day. She apologizes for babying Seth but she’s feeling motherly. Seth says he is worried that the things that happened to them when they were kids are a sham and he might be the Jimmy Cooper. Kirsten says to focus on the real summer, not the one he worshiped in grade school. She says she thinks he’s found his Sandy Cohen. Seth wants to know why she and Jimmy broke up. She evades. YOU ARE AN EVADER! God damn you Kirsten. Back to a flashback. She says her heart just doesn’t feel right. Woke up and decided to change her life apparently. These flashbacks are annoying – they keep flashing all weird. Kirsten decides she wants to go to Berkeley instead of USC, thank god that happened. Now she is in a doctor’s office. Pregnant are we? Abortion possibly? Interesting. Not so surprising.

Summer talks to the bunny about her future. Someone comes from an organization called G.E.O.R.G.E. – something about greenhouse emissions. They want to offer her a job. Summer freaks out and realizes that it’s her real destiny.

Kaitlin coaches Bullitt on marrying her mom. He says they need a plan with a spectacular V-day date. Emerald earrings aren’t gonna cut it – they need planes instead.

Taylor coaches Frank on the “emotion card” – he says to say what he loves about Julie but he can’t because he’s an Atwood and can’t really articulate his feelings. Taylor tries to get him to dig deeper. Frank says they are from the same world – you mean the inland empire!??!

Kirsten and Sandy are out for dinner and Kirsten is hardly eating. Sandy is being patient given the whole Jimmy Cooper picture box thing. Come on Kirsten, you just had “a procedure” as they say on TV.

Kaitlin is wearing a Team Bullitt t-shirt. Taylor has apparently tracked down Kaitlin by activating the GPS on her phone. Ryan is now trying to persuade Julie to meet Frank. Julie says in another life she’d go with Frank but instead she goes in the limo, but actually Taylor was in the limo. They totally made Julie go with Frank! How strategic, but where did they get the money for the limo? Ryan tells Kaitlin “That’s war, bitch.” She starts crying. Nice try, Kaitlin. She says she is going to follow the decoy limo and now Ryan is following her. Taylor turns around when they hit a hotdog stand and Julie realizes something is … not quite right. Taylor continues to coach. Frank says “This is a testament to where we came from and I wanted this to be about where we are going.” Ah Frank. He says he loves the real her. He shows her an engagement ring. This is sort of a cruel scenario for all involved. Julie gives back the ring when Kaitlin shows up. She says she only has one daughter left and she loves Bullitt even if Julie doesn’t. I still don’t know what any of this really means. She says sorry Frank. Now Ryan is sad too. Wow people make decisions like this really fast.

Sandy as a kid is cute. Wow Kirsten is a real Newpsie as a college student. How cute are they! Without Mondale there would be no Kirsten and Sandy Cohen.

Seth admits to Summer that he put way too much stock in the poem. Because Summer is actually better than the fantasy Summer. She fights for sea otters, she has a bunny, she has evolved. He says they have been dating for 950 days and “yes I counted the Zach era, because who are we kidding” – excellent point my friend. That’s almost three years! Anyway. Summer says she met George and it turns out it’s a trip around the country on a bus telling college kids to vote. She’d have to defer a year at Brown and isn’t sure that they could see each other during that time. He is her destiny just not her only destiny. And then she gives him an epic couples through time poster. She says hopefully someday they can go in the middle. Ah, cheesiness.

Kaitlin wants to tell Julie was Bullitt’s surprise is – a plane ready to take her anywhere in the world. Does Julie want to go to the inland empire?? Ah Kaitlin, you know the truth now. Julie just isn’t in it for the money anymore. Kaitlin gets out at the plane by herself. Is she wearing heels? I’m confused she looks taller than usual. Katilin says to Bullitt “I know I asked you to be my step-dad but do you mind just being my friend instead?” Bullitt I guess will have to settle. He says “Peanut, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” Nice.

Taylor and Ryan and Frank are hanging out at the hotdog stand. Ryan says he’s sorry things didn’t work out with Julie and Frank says he’s happy to be sharing ice cream with his kid. Taylor is just proud she got ONE couple together. And then the limo shows up with Julie and some nice happy indie music in the background. Julie says she is having the strangest craving for a corndog. Ok so like, where are they going to live and how are they going to work?

Ryan suggests to Taylor that they hop in the limo and go down to the beach and she is happy with this as their date. I love how they are just DRIVING the limo. Taylor calls Ryan Jeeves. How nice.

Nice ending shot of Julie and Frank with heart balloons in between them.

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