Monday, October 29, 2007


I need more free time, for a lot of reasons, but one such reason is that I need to re-watch a lot of TV shows. I've been going through this weird (for lack of a better word) parental thing with Justin because he's watching The Office from the beginning, and I'm loaning the DVDs to him, watching occasional episodes, and receiving reports on the ones he watches by himself. (Not actually as formal as it sounds.) So I'm of course feeling this pang of nostalgia for the first watching of the Office, an experience really that no one can understand until they've watched them all and are witnessing someone else do it for the first time (hence my use of the word parental). I'm also feeling the need to re-watch all the Wes Andersen movies, because I saw The Darjeeling Limited a couple of weeks ago, and I need to re-read and re-watch Wonder Boys, because I recommended the book to my friend Peattie and now can't remember anything about it. This is a disturbing trend given how much new media I have that I'm behind on - my Netflix are gathering dust, I am still not done with Season 1 of Deadwood, and if I delay anymore on watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer my friend Santiago might just kill me. Plus there's all the books I need to read and the New Yorkers and Believers threatening to pile up... it's a problem. Anyway, with all of this it's a really bad time for the release of the updated, apparently awesome boxed set of My So-Called Life, which I already own in old, apparently not awesome boxed set form but, well, the point is my set isn't awesome, and now that I think about it I do kind of want the awesome set. I also want to watch My So-Called Life again, and get my nostalgia on for the first time I watched that, which was sophomore year in college, while I was finishing crocheting an afghan, and I stayed up until like 4am on a school night alone in the lounge watching MSCL and crocheting in the dark. It was awesome.

Just occurred to me: Is it wrong that I have nostalgia for watching TV?


Anonymous said...

I want to see Darjeeling limited.
Unless, of couse it's not as good as the previews make it out to be.
whats your verdict?

Kelly said...

I totally understand TV nostalgia!! And of course I understand the feelings you have when you watch "The Office" for the first time. I'm sure you remember when you laughed at me for buying 10 of them on itunes because I had to see what happened. Aaand let's not forget the Dawson's Creek cravings...I believe I consulted you to make sure I was netflixing the right episodes last year, because I knew a)you would know which episodes I was talking about and b) you would understand the need to watch said episodes. Now I am nostalgic for living with you and becca. but not for our horrible landlord...i had a dream (nightmare) that involved her last night. i'll have to tell you about it.

Emily said...

Darjeeling Limited was good. I think you'd like it.