Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Gossip Girl!!

Let it be said that my dad introduced me to the OC. He was at work and called home to me, sitting lazy on the couch the summer before I went abroad, and told me I just *had* to watch the episode. I tuned in somewhere in the first 15 minutes and was pretty much an instant fan. God it was so good that first season.

Anyway so I have now been waiting for Gossip Girl to debut on the CW since whenever it was I found out that Josh Schwartz (wunderkind creator of the OC) was affiliated with it, which I think was when I found out it existed at all. I've watched the 10 minute "preview" on their website, I've already looked up the whole cast on imdb to find out what I recognize them from, and it's been on my gCal for like, a month. Anyway. So all I'm saying is, I feel really vindicated by several of my favorite blogs announcing that they LOVE it, even if they may actually just be snarkifying about it. But I mean, Eat the Press said it was nothing short of spectacular.

I'm going to dinner with someone tonight (I used to say "I have a dinner date tonight" but people always get way too excited like I actually have a real date), but you can bet that by tomorrow morning I will have watched this shit and verified my own prescience and good taste.


Kim said...

I was obsessed with the OC season 1 too. And now, I've become re-interested in The Hills. Oy.

amber said...

yes, I know these shows all too well, sad to say. I have Tivo'd 2 Gossip Girl episodes but I'm not so sure if I'm hooked just yet.